Capture and Attract
existing dental implant patient demand by utilizing effective targeted Google AdWords campaign.

Discover how you can increase Dental Implant Patient flow
in your practice using Google AdWords

Step 1: Keyword and Match Type Selection

We start by selecting implant specific search terms based on our industry knowledge and experience.

Step 2: Ad Extensions

We utilize benefit driven Ad content to stand out and increase your conversion.

Step 3: Landing Pages

We provide potential patients with attractive call-to-action options to increase conversions.

Step 4: PPC Report

Google AdWords is never a “set it & forget it”. In order to achieve success with AdWords you must have a solid management strategy. Apex believes in daily monitoring and adjustment to ensure your campaign success.

Ongoing tracking and reporting will help to keep your campaign on track and provide intel on your R.O.I.

We have developed a unique effective Google PPC strategy
for attracting high-end dental implant and restorative patients.

How? Common Sense and Ethics.

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