Let's get started!

Let's get started!


Attraction PlatformTM

Our system is designed to expand your local presence to attract patients seeking a dentist for dental implants and full mouth implant solutions. We put you and your team in front of qualified and motivated patient consults which leads to consistent case acceptance.

(All-Inclusive and Fully Customizable)

Dental Implant Marketing Platform

This website will serve as the foundation for our marketing efforts together and help promote the quality of care and options available.

Both dental implant procedure-specific landing pages and traditional media ad creation, if applicable.

Ensures high-quality patient leads that accept treatment.

Apex Dental Solutions’ 24/7 automated lead engagement pre-qualifies and educates leads, saving your team time and money. Our “no patient left behind” program ensures 12 months of follow-up communication to maintain engagement and prompt scheduled consultations.

Our team supports you from the initial patient call to consultation strategies for case acceptance, ensuring success through active communication.

Custom Dental Implant Marketing Dashboard

Comprehensive tracking and reporting of case acceptance. Real-team access to call tracking and monitoring for up-to-the-minute activity insights. Your dedicated team will ensure monthly reporting, offering in-depth transparency.


Apex Dental Solutions has been helping practices grow through Dental Implant Marketing, Full Arch Dental Implant Marketing, and All-on-4® Dental Implant Marketing.