Inspire & Educate

Inspire & Educate
with benefit-driven messaging to baby boomers in close proximity to your office using traditional media.

Discover how you can gain new dental implant patients by utilizing targeted direct mail, broadcast television & newspaper print ads

Targeted Direct Mail

Direct Mail campaigns are still a popular marketing tool. Why? Because it works!

People, including our target demographic, baby boomers, say that they still like to get mail. We also know the value in multi-channel messaging, which is why we often recommend a mix of direct mail and digital marketing. Apex Dental Solutions is a leader in the dental implant industry for targeted direct mail and we have the strategy and the know-how to make a direct mail campaign effective. We use specific criteria to target aging patients in a radius around your office. We single out those with high income & asset levels and that are in close proximity to your office. Our benefit-driven messaging provides an interested potential patient looking for solutions to missing teeth or wanting to stabilize their loose dentures.

Broadcast Television

A more blanketed approach to spreading the mini implant message around your community is broadcast television. Strategically placed commercials, when we know our potential patients are watching, is an extremely effective to make the phone to ring. Most of the potential patients calling are looking for more information, having never heard of mini implants before and curious if they are a candidate. With a well-educated staff, trained to properly answer the question of “How much does an implant cost?”, broadcast television can move the needle and produce a great R.O.I.





Print Advertisements

Print Advertising is the perfect venue to reach baby boomers. Roughly 76% of adults age 55 or older read the newspaper daily. We use a unique approach to attract baby boomers, with strategically placed print ads in the local newspapers. We explain to them the benefits of replacing their missing teeth with mini or standard dental implants will help them to focus on the lasting advantages rather than price. Newspaper advertising can be very effective in attracting new patients if you have proper placement and eye-catching creative.

We have a unique approach for dental implant advertising placement.
We target baby boomers who need, want & can afford dental implants.

Why? Because there are an estimated 74.9 Million baby boomers.

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