Tracking & Reporting

Tracking & Reporting
to ensure a strong R.O.I. by tracking all marketing efforts with unique phone numbers.

Discover how transparent marketing through call tracking and reporting can help determine an accurate R.O.I. and see how effective your marketing is.

Step #1

We are constantly monitoring and documenting all phone calls for each campaign. We track the activity and notate the number of conversions. For each of your marketing mediums, we provide a unique tracking number. Tracking each phone call helps us to see which mediums are most effective and the data is used to determine revenue collected.

Step #2

Communication with the office is critical to ensure they are aware of the call activity. We want to find out if patients who call to book a consultation are showing up for their appointments. We record all appointments booked through our tracking numbers to cross reference with the office for an approximate R.O.I. and percentage of case acceptance.

Step #3

We drill down and get an approximate return on investment per campaign. Listening to all the phone calls helps us to coach and mentor the front desk on how to answer tough questions. We also use the R.O.I. report to adjust and fine tune each marketing effort. We work to make each campaign as profitable as possible.

Our tracking helps our clients to know exactly
how their implant marketing is performing.

You should never be in the dark about the revenue your marketing is generating.

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