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2023 Google Ads and SEO Tips


  • Make your practice the best it can be.
  • Lending institutions are lending less.
  • People are clamping down on their spending.
  • Restorative service marketing must be solid since big cases are nice, but if the doctor is only reliant on big cases as the life-blood of their practice, they will have a harder time weathering the storm.
  • Run specials (ads – lead magnet)

Changes to Google Ads and SEO

Google Ads – Big Changes

Specific search terms like “dental implants near me” now include “dental implant supplier” and similar. This means you could show up with a supplier.

If not controlled, a budget will be gone instantly.

Click-to-call ads are almost triple the cost. Recommended that you make less use of that type of ad and more use of landing page-directed ads.

SEO – Changes

Search traffic is down internationally. Note – People’s credit is catching up with them from the influx of money that was given out during the pandemic and is now gone.

  • Must have a fast website!
  • Specific SERP results based on YOUR content.
  • High-volume search phrases based on your original content.
  • Can not be “canned content”.
  • It is recommended that at least articles of 2,000 words are best.
  • Reviews (number of, rating, and how often) now include your answers back to them. This tells Google you’re interacting with your users.

Handling Steps (For Dental Practices)

  • Decide to be a cause.
  • Assign a person within the practice – PR/Marketing Exec or New Patient Coordinator.
  • Get your ads campaigns reviewed/revised.
  • SEO Content
  • Reactivation
  • Internal, Internal, Internal!
  • Have the dental office have a blitz campaign at the end of the year where they reward staff members and current patients for bringing in other people. Incentivize to motivate.

Google Ads

Don’t launch them only when the doctor needs them. Always be running.

Get Your SEO Going

  • Fast and clean website.
  • The proper company handling your SEO.
  • Get a review campaign launched for the end of the year.
  • Answer all reviews going forward.
  • Get customized articles of about 2,000 words written based on high-value search terms.
  • Video content that is transcribed (equates to 2,000 words in a 5-minute video – People on average say 400 words per minute.)

Create Video for Content

How to film short videos – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr6SyDLz1Q4

In the YouTube video above of the doctor being filmed, an iPhone was used with a wireless microphone.

Have your dental practice dedicate 15 minutes a week to generating video content. Then post the video to your website and have the video transcribed, which would provide you with the page text you would need.

Closing Remarks

The more content you add, the more your website will be optimized for Google.


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