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Complete Lead Follow-up
And Scheduling Program

Boost Your Dental Implant Conversions

Are you tired of getting lost in the crowded online marketplace, struggling to stand out among countless competitors vying for patients’ attention? If so, we have an exclusive solution that will revolutionize your lead conversion process and skyrocket your sales.

Introducing Apex Dental Solutions’ “Complete Lead Follow-up And Scheduling” services – the ultimate game-changer for your dental implant practice! We understand the challenges you face in capturing and converting leads in the fast-paced digital world. That’s why we’ve tailored a cutting-edge approach to help you reclaim thousands of dollars in potential sales.

Do you find yourself taking too long to respond to new leads? Whether it’s five minutes or even hours, every minute counts, and your ‘Speed to Lead’ can make or break your conversion rate. Don’t let those hard-earned leads slip away! Optimize your ‘Speed to Lead,’ ensuring you never miss an opportunity again.

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A Personalized and Hands-on Approach

24/7 Live Chat and Persistent
Lead Follow-Up/Reactivation

Our seamless lead follow-up and scheduling system takes your leads from end to end and delivers them to your practice ready to accept treatment.

Using our smart Apex Dental AI and our virtual implant consultant we will pre-qualify and educate leads before the in-office consultation, saving your team valuable time and money!

Efficient Consultation

Our program handles appointment booking and coordination, streamlining the process for both leads and dental practices. We work closely to find mutually suitable times, ensuring a seamless scheduling experience.

No added work or stress for your team - we handle everything for you!

Appointment Confirmation/Reminders

We proactively call your scheduled patients to confirm or remind them of upcoming appointments. By reducing no-shows and increasing patient attendance, we optimize your schedule and maximize productivity.

Dentists can be 100% focused on providing excellent dental care while our dedicated consultant takes care of lead nurturing and conversion.

The Apex Difference

Reach Out For The Right Marketing Partner For Your Practice

Looking for a reliable marketing partner for your dental practice? Look no further than Apex Dental Solutions. We offer pre-qualification, nurturing, and efficient strategies that save you time and money. Say goodbye to worrying about empty waiting rooms because we guarantee a steady stream of patients. We understand dentists are busy, so we streamline your marketing efforts to minimize workload and maximize results. Our stress-free approach ensures your practice grows without sacrificing quality or integrity. Apex Dental Solutions has the expertise to help you reach your goals regardless of your specialty or schedule. Take advantage of the potential to grow your dental practice.

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Apex Dental Solutions has been helping practices grow through Dental Implant Marketing, Full Arch Dental Implant Marketing, and All-on-4® Dental Implant Marketing.

Ready to grow your dental implant practice?

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