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Dental Implant Marketing System

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Fully customized dental implant-specific website. Encourage & motivate patients searching for implants, full arch, & second opinions with our proven dental implant marketing system. We focus on patient success stories & the quality of care office experience. This ensures the highest quality of patient referrals.

Our team utilizes solution-based messaging, the patient experience, and highly targeted strategies to deliver on our quality patient referral promise. Our goal is to put you and your team in front of qualified patient consults seeking help rather than wasting time “chasing referrals.”

Digital Implant Marketing Outreach

Have you been burned in the past or currently not sure how effective your Google and Facebook Ad campaigns are working? Let us be your second opinion and start generating high-quality implant opportunities.

We utilize smart targeting and responsible management which attracts patients using motivational messaging and storytelling. This equates to high-quality results that build strong relationships with our clients. Our team is fully dedicated to your market and uses proven strategies to help expand your local presence to attract more high-quality patients. We work with only one dentist per geographic location.

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Targeted Dental Implant Marketing Direct Mail

targeted dental implant marketing direct mail

With our targeted dental implant marketing direct mail system, we combine our research and industry knowledge to achieve your dental practice’s goals and budget. Our mailing lists can be targeted based on numerous guidelines. Our ideal list consists of different income levels and select age brackets. Our team evaluates your market while coming up with the best approach for your area.

At Apex Dental Solutions, our team understands how to get high-quality dental implant patients into a dental practice. The research we perform within a given area allows us to tailor mailers directly for that specific location. The response rates that we generate from direct mail have proven to be successful for our clients across the country. Allow our team to create a dental implant mailer that will benefit your growing practice.

VIP Customer Service

Apex Dental Solutions is dedicated to always providing VIP customer service to our clients and potential clients. Life is unpredictable, but dental implant marketing doesn’t have to be. Our one-on-one project management will ensure success.

Think about all the time, effort, and money your dental practice spends to get a new patient lead. Apex will turn more calls into booked appointments by leveraging our dental implant marketing strategies and expert team.

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Tracking & Reporting

Tracking & reporting the success of your dental implant marketing helps determine which efforts best promote your practice. Not tracking R.O.I. may lead to wasting money on marketing that isn’t working.

We are fully transparent in our efforts and you will know your campaign’s activity every month. Monthly detailed reports will allow you to know the number of new patients, the total number of phone calls, booked appointments, and more. Discover how transparent dental implant marketing through call tracking and reporting can help determine an accurate R.O.I. and see how effective your marketing is.

You should never be in the dark about the revenue your marketing is generating. Contact Apex Dental Solutions today at (716) 833-0038 to learn more about our call tracking and R.O.I. reporting.

Dental Implant Referral Nurturing Apex Intelligence

When you’re a busy dental practice, competing for patients can be a tedious process. Every referral counts. Unless you find the right company that has all the tools and expertise to convert prospective patients quickly, you will lose out to your competitors. Apex Dental Solutions is the answer. We offer an extensive suite of digital & traditional dental implant marketing services to convert patients with ease while tracking & reporting on the results.

Referral nurturing is one of the best ways to generate new patients for your dental practice. It is designed to do two things: convert patient referrals into booked appointments and identify areas of improvement in your patient journey using dental implant marketing strategies. Contact us today to start nurturing (and converting) more patient referrals for your dental practice!


Apex Dental Solutions has been helping practices grow through Dental Implant Marketing, Full Arch Dental Implant Marketing, and All-on-4® Dental Implant Marketing.

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