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Blogging Your Way to a Busy Dental Practice

Did you know that inbound marketing strategies such as blogging and social media are very effective in the healthcare industry? In fact, blogging can be one of the best ways to ensure that your healthcare enterprise appears easily online and is accessible to prospective and current patients alike.

Blogging naturally lets you improve your SEO, or, search engine optimization. SEO depends on how easily your business shows up on Google’s search engine results pages. After all, most consumers are looking for the answers they need online these days. This means that if your practice isn’t showing up easily online, you are missing out on many potential opportunities. Blogging is an easy solution!

Here are a few top reasons to consider using blogging for inbound marketing, to communicate with your current patients, to drive traffic to your practice, and to support your business in general.

• Drive Traffic: Using Keywords Helps Send the Right People Your Way

Blogs are the perfect place to include keywords and key phrases related to your specific industry. Keywords/key phrases are search terms that people often look up on Google. For instance, if you had a dental practice in Albuquerque, you may want to write a blog about crowns or implants and include the key phrase “best dentist in Albuquerque”. The more keywords and SEO you implement, the easier your business shows up online.

• Showcase Services: Your Website Establishes Your Practice as a Leader in Your Field

Your website provides you with an opportunity to build more trust and respect with your patients and fellow Healthcare professionals. Posting updated content regularly in blogs shows that your business is on the ball and up to date.

• Help Patients: Multimedia Content is Useful for Everyone

Within your blogs, it is easy to include multimedia resources like backlinks to worthwhile websites, videos, images, and more. This is a great way to provide helpful content for your patients!

Blogging in the healthcare industry doesn’t have to be mysterious or complex. It is easy to incorporate blogs into your current marketing mix without overreaching or stretching your budget thin. When you have the right resources and knowledge, it’s simple!


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