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Case Study: Highpoint Dental from Aurora, CO

How Dr. Baltz Grew From an Associate Dentist to Expanding Business Owner


Dr. Baltz


Website Development


Digital Campaigns

Targeted Direct Mail

Online Web Presence

Highpoint Dental

Dr. Justin Baltz was an associate at Highpoint Dental Care for years before acquiring the practice in 2020. His main focus was to continue the consistent dental implant pipeline generated by traditional media, but also focus on modernizing his practice website to keep up with corporate dentistry in his area.

Only two years later, Dr. Baltz was able to remodel and expand his practice as well as hire two associates to help him grow his patient flow while still focusing on quality dental implant treatment.

Apex's Objectives:

  • Create a practice website to fit Highpoint Dental Care’s brand of how Dr. Baltz wanted to be viewed throughout the community.
  • Have a competitive edge in Aurora and surrounding areas to be a main contender for dental implants and second opinions.
  • Help boost new patient numbers to fuel associates with more opportunities.

Apex's Strategy:

  • Customize practice website to highlight the experience any new or existing patients will have at the practice while focusing on organic rankings of each service offered.
  • Design a dedicated implant focus website to attract individuals searching for more information or second opinions.
  • Research demographics in the market & create a targeted direct mail campaign to educate & inspire individuals about the benefits of dental implants.
  • Apply a Google Ads budget for same-day dentistry (crowns, emergencies, & new patients) to help fill associate’s schedule.

Practice Website

We make it our mission to create the most-effective website design for your market in order to maximize your goals. The end result is turning website visitors into new patients at your practice. We create a simple, yet powerful, experience for your current and potential new patients. Our website solutions will set you and your practice up for future growth.

Average Patients who Accept Treatment Monthly from Organic Rankings: 15


Digital Campaign

Apex utilizes smart targeting and responsible management, which attracts patients using motivational messaging and storytelling. This equates to high-quality results that build strong relationships with our clients. Our team is fully dedicated to your market and uses proven strategies to help expand your local presence to attract more high-quality patients. We work with only one dentist per geographic location.

Average New Patient Flow who Accept Treatment Monthly: 37

direct mail examples

Targeted Implant Direct Mail

With our targeted direct mail system, we combine our research and industry knowledge to achieve your dental practice’s goals within your budget. Our mailing lists can be targeted based on numerous guidelines. Our ideal list consists of different income levels and select age brackets. Our team evaluates your market while coming up with the best approach for your area.

Average Dental Implant Case Acceptance Monthly: 6


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