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Dental Implant Direct Mail

Apex Dental Solutions Direct Mail

Targeted Monthly Direct Mail + Expert Knowledge in Dental Implant Marketing

With our targeted direct mail system, we combine our research and industry knowledge to achieve your dental practice’s goals and budget. Our mailing lists can be targeted based on numerous guidelines. Our ideal list consists of different income levels and select age brackets. Our team evaluates your market while coming up with the best approach for your area.

Monthly Direct Mail

At Apex Dental Solutions, our team understands how to get high-quality dental implant patients into a dental practice. The research we perform within a given area allows us to tailor mailers directly for that specific location. The response rates that we generate from direct mail have proven to be successful for our clients across the country. Allow our team to create a dental implant mailer that will benefit your growing practice.

Call Reporting

All custom direct mail campaigns include a unique tracking number for your practice. Phone calls from these campaigns are monitored by dedicated reporting specialists. Our specialists notate all details of the calls including number of appointments, call quality, staff performance, missed calls, and more. Our goal is to successfully optimize all mail campaigns to generate the highest quality of patients all while helping to grow the dental implant side of your practice.

Realistic Monthly Client Results

10-12 new patient inquiries

4-6 new patient appointments

2-3 accepted treatment plans

Successful Mailers = High-Quality Patients
Apex Dental Solutions brings over 12 years of experience and careful attention to what makes us the most successful for our clients. We use our best practices to develop marketing solutions that have proven to get the best results. For each client, our team develops customized solutions, offers straightforward communication, provides complete transparency, and strives to achieve all goals.

Dental Implant Direct Mail

Starting at $1,600/month

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