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Essential Guide to Social Media Marketing for Dental Practices

For dentists, social media marketing should be more utilized. Dental practices tend to focus only on one or two aspects of social media profiles or posts. However, numerous social media marketing solutions can be used to grow your practice and bring new clients through the door! Here are a few social media tips to help your dental practice thrive. 

Be Active on Trending Social Media Platforms

As time goes on, different social media platforms have different user bases. You want to reach all clients in your demographic, meaning you should be active on all of the most current social media platforms. This means that you should definitely have a Facebook profile. It is also essential to ensure that your Google listing is accurate and up-to-date. Then, consider creating a profile for your business on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, or all three. 

Connect With New Clients in Their Own Space

According to 2022 surveys, many dental patients are highly engaged on social media. 98% of patients have a Facebook with 60% using Twitter and 56% on Instagram. With this in mind, you should focus on connecting with your patients in their own space. Using your geographically targeted market research, be sure that your dental practice is communicating with the nearby markets. Whichever platforms your patients use, you should be using them as well. By reaching out to all cities in your nearby area, you will be able to find local clients more efficiently. 

Communicate Effectively and Respond Publicly with Positive Engagement

Keep in touch with your community, current patients, and prospective patients. You can do this by ensuring that your social media profiles have their location and notification settings on and configured correctly. Respond to comments and always thank customers for providing positive feedback on Facebook or Google. Consider having someone assigned to manage your profiles, and be sure to keep everything updated. You should post at least two times per month and monitor comments in real-time.


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