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How Snap-In Dentures Can Add Value To Your Dental Implant Marketing Efforts

Making your practice stand out and appeal to the largest demographic possible can help you increase your top-line growth and secure trusted revenue from returning patients. In 2023, the dental industry will be more competitive than ever before. In fact, according to a 2022 article published by Dental Economics, by 2027, the United States dental Market is expected to experience over 15 billion dollars in growth, correlating to a 100% increase in market demand!

Bearing this in mind, offering patients and prospective clients as many versatile solutions to their dental problems as possible is paramount to your practice’s success. For example, one very efficacious and popular solution for patients who lose one or more teeth is snap-in dentures.

Unlike conventional dentures, which have the tendency to shift and slip out of place, snap-in dentures provide stability and comfort. These dentures can help you grow your dental practice by offering patients another potential solution for replacing missing teeth, boosting confidence, and preventing future bite concerns. They have many benefits, including:

• These dentures are more stable than conventional dentures and are less likely to shift while speaking.

• With snap-in dentures, the jawbone is protected better, and further bone loss is likely to be reduced.

• Snap-in dentures enhance chewing ability, especially for harder and stickier foods.

• Snap-in dentures often fit better, are more comfortable than conventional dentures, and can create a feeling of reduced friction on the gums.

• Many people feel that snap-in dentures are more natural than conventional ones.

• Snap-In dentures offer a more affordable alternative to price-conscious patients or those who do not qualify for Full Arch treatment.

According to statistics from prosthodontists, a minimum of 120 million people in America are currently missing at least one tooth. Missing teeth can be embarrassing and frustrating. Moreover, since teeth are likely to shift, missing even one tooth can significantly impact a patient’s bite ability with time.

Offering as many tooth replacement solutions as possible for patients looking to remedy their tooth loss can help you distinguish your practice and stand out from the competition. Snap-in dentures are just one more viable solution to make available to prospective clients!


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