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How to Find the Right Marketing Ideas for Dental Implants

Has your team been trying to find the best way to market dental implant services? If so, you will probably find out that there are plenty of options available. From print advertising and online promotions to multimedia marketing packages, it can be hard to sort through all your choices. So what marketing ideas for dental implants are best? Here are three helpful tips to help you find the ideal advertisement strategies for your practice!

1. Refine Your Marketing Plans

First off, you should personalize any marketing ideas you plan to use to meet your unique needs. Although this may seem obvious, you would be surprised to find out how many advertisers fail to highlight the specifics of what they offer in a way that appeals to a specific target audience. After all, you aren’t trying to communicate to the masses. Instead, you are trying to get in touch with a specific group of potential patients and tell them about a characteristic service. Making sure that your ads are carefully targeted brings in the right people in the door and helps you keep track of your ROI. Remember, with healthcare advertising, quality almost always trumps quantity!

2. Know Your Demographic Inside and Out

Who is your primary patient demographic? Conduct research to figure out who you need to reach. For instance, if your dental implant practice is relatively new, your marketing should be geared towards residents in your local area. Let the people who are likely to locally, visit your practice know that you are there! Or, maybe you are a well-established dental practice offering special new implant services. If this is the case, find out what type of media your customers use. Does your target audience watch TV in the afternoon? Do they use Facebook? Or, maybe they pick up a specific print publication. Using what you learn, run ads to highlight the specific services you want to promote.

3. Look at the Competition

Do you have competitors in the area? Even if you don’t have direct local competitors, it’s always good to scope out what other practices are doing nearby. Have you noticed any opportunities that other practices are failing to take advantage of? What marketing strategies are obviously working? What ones seem to be fruitless? Maybe you know of a niche market that your competitors haven’t reached out to yet. There is nothing wrong with learning from the successes and mistakes of others! Since each local region differs, take cues from the nearest successful practice to save yourself from having to learn hard marketing lessons yourself.

Other Dental Marketing Tips to Consider:

Educate with your content.
Educating content serves multiple purposes.

Let hard data drive your creativity.
Don’t “art out” and lose track of the point of your message.

Update your existing content.
What is working now, and how can you make it better?

Expand your SEO and guest blogging opportunities.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and blogging can drive new traffic or keep you on top.

Use more videos and images.
Multimedia content can be cost-effective and efficient.




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