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How to Use “Marketing Results” to Set Yourself Apart in the Dental Market

In the field of dentistry, competing for clients involves using smart advertising strategies, up-to-date demographic information, analytical data, and effective campaigns. However, there is one thing that you can do to distinguish your practice and see measurable results that you may be missing. It involves letting your marketing results go to work for you.

Indeed, if you want to set yourself apart, you have to take your advertising effects into account for all future campaigns. This involves more than just thinking about how your last marketing campaign went and trying to do better. You will need to collect accurate data, measurable analytics, and current information about your audience. Then, you have to apply that to your current campaign efforts. Only then can you achieve the ROI you are after.

Delve Into Your Past Results

The good news is, whether you realize it or not, you probably already have a ton of information on marketing that you can tap into. Much of this information is going to come from, what your practice has already done. For instance, have you launched any marketing campaigns in the last five years? Look at your practice’s previous efforts in:

• Social Media Marketing
• Website/Blog (Content Marketing)
• Email Marketing
• SEO Ads
• Paid Advertising

Track Digital Data

The first three methods of marketing (Social Media, Web, Blog, and SEO) can give you measurable analytics through your website. If you can’t already access these analytics and data information points, make sure to fix that for all future endeavors. You will need to be able to track your progress. Only then can you identify certain areas that need to be changed.

Consider the Results

Additionally, you can look at your actual physical results and consider how they apply now. Often, if an ad campaign worked, you are already well aware of it. So, what did you do right? Where did you go wrong? Just because clients didn’t mention an ad they saw doesn’t mean it didn’t work. But, for more growth and keep converting leads, in the future, always ask new clients “how they heard about your practice.” In the meantime, ask yourself these questions:

• Did more patients come through the door after the last campaign?
• Did any patients reveal how they heard about the practice?
• What did the profits for the practice look like during and after the ad campaign?

Identify What Works and Apply It

Identify what ad marketing strategies work, and apply them whenever possible to your current campaign strategies. This is a great way to infuse all future endeavors with success, thus setting you apart with your own marketing results!


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