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When you market your dental practice, you can be excited but also a bit overwhelmed. You may wonder if your dental implant marketing efforts will yield revenue for your practice and whether your staff will have enough time to follow up with leads. At Apex Dental Solutions, we have developed a transparent lead management system that automates lead follow-up, alleviating your concerns and allowing you to focus on your practice.

Our dental implant lead management dashboard is designed with your practice in mind and automatically populates your leads into the dashboard once a lead form is submitted. It is pre-built with workflows and emails designed to nurture dental implant patients with your materials. An opportunity card is created for each lead, containing all the information your team needs to contact the potential patient. All dental implant marketing opportunities are stored in a central location for easy access. We understand the responsibility of marketing a dental implant procedure. Surveys based on your treatment plan provide rich treatment-specific data, helping your dental office deliver better results. We help you prioritize new patients by understanding their level of urgency, ideal price range, and credit score.

Quick follow-up is one of the most critical factors in closing significant fee-for-service cases. Our system includes AI to automatically follow up with relevant texts and emails when a lead completes a survey/form. These automatic texts/emails become an extension of your team, making it seem like you have a dedicated treatment coordinator working around the clock. Patients want reassurance that the practice they choose will be available whenever they need it, especially when potentially spending tens of thousands of dollars on treatment.

Invest in dental implant marketing for your practice in 2023. Put your money where it has the highest chance of converting into production dollars in your office. Apex Dental Solutions is a dental implant marketing agency that can help set your practice apart from the rest and work for you even when you’re not working.

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Looking for a reliable marketing partner for your dental practice? Look no further than Apex Dental Solutions. We offer pre-qualification, nurturing, and efficient strategies that save you time and money. Say goodbye to worrying about empty waiting rooms because we guarantee a steady stream of patients. We understand dentists are busy, so we streamline your marketing efforts to minimize workload and maximize results. Our stress-free approach ensures your practice grows without sacrificing quality or integrity. Apex Dental Solutions has the expertise to help you reach your goals regardless of your specialty or schedule. Take advantage of the potential to grow your dental practice.

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