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What Successful Dentists Do To Stay On Top

According to the Pareto Principle, 80% of all effects are caused by only 20% of the actions behind them. For instance, up to 80% of your implant referrals likely come from just 20% of the dentist referring people to you. Similarly, 80% of employee problems are often caused by only 20% of the employees on your team.

This concept applies to an array of principles in virtually every industry. In the insurance industry, 20% of insurance salespeople sell 80% of the policies. Understanding the sales and strategy behind this phenomenon can dramatically impact the effectiveness of your marketing practices.

When it comes to implant dentistry, the Pareto Principle provides an excellent opportunity to increase your long-term revenue. Once you understand the impact of your strategic marketing efforts, you can Channel them in the best possible direction for the biggest return on your investment (ROI). Let’s discuss how you can apply these statistics and principles to your advantage based on ROI in the dental implant industry.

Developing Successful Marketing Practices and Maintaining a Strategic Mindset

Over the past two decades, a few definitive trends have arisen regarding successful dental implant practice.

All thriving dental implant businesses have the following fortes in common:
• Excellent clinicians
• Attentive customer service representatives
• A targeted demographic and/or clear-cut business model based on a lucrative specialty
• Systems in place that ensure referrals

Excellent clinicians and top-rated customer service reps are two of the most common denominators in successful dental implant practice. After all, taking care of patients should be the cornerstone of your practice. However, there are a few other keys to success to keep in mind.

For instance, focusing on a specific demographic, or lucrative specialty areas can help drive leads and bring more traffic through your practice. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, successful implant dentists focus their skills, time, marketing budget, and energy, on a lucrative primary specialty. Before long, these targeted strategies can help dental implant businesses dominate the market and ensure long-term success.

Additionally, it is essential to create a reliable referral system. Building systems that ensure referrals from other doctors continue to come your way not only improves sustainability, but also creates an opportunity for networking and beneficial relationships with other practices. This can help your practice in various ways.

Finally, investing heavily in intelligent ROI-based marketing campaigns can be highly beneficial. You must ensure that your dental implant practice is well known for the right reasons.

Strategies for Success in for Dental Implant Practices:

• Create a predictable lead generation system.
Implant market leaders implement various advertising formats. These range from print and television to digital media. Digital media like email campaigns, SEO, and social media are especially important.

• Make sure your team turns callers into visitors and visitors into patients.

Employ/train great practitioners, clinicians, excellent customer service representatives, and a skilled, attentive staff team. 

• Utilize digital media to the max.
This includes SEO, paid search and display ads, testimonial posts, videos, Facebook ads, etc. Also, have a mobile-ready, marketing-based website that’s always up to date and search engine optimized (SEO) with blogs and great content.

Combined with hiring skilled marketing experts, these strategies can help you not only better distinguish your implant practice, but chart a course for success!


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