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Who Else Is Disappointed in their Implant Marketing Results and Returns?

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated by the performance of your implant marketing campaign, you aren’t alone. Even the best marketing efforts can fail when the circumstances surrounding them are wrong. Alternatively, people who perform well and succeed with their marketing often want better results. It’s human nature! So what are the specific reasons that some specialty marketing campaigns yield less than ideal results? Here are the four most common reasons.

Reason #1: Bad Marketing

The first and most obvious reason for poor results in a niche industry is bad marketing. This means that the message sent to the public simply isn’t hitting home with its intended audience. In some situations, this could mean that the right message was sent to the wrong audience. Or, it could mean the message went to the right people, but wasn’t something they were interested in.

Every dental practice investing in marketing will yield better results if they know their audience AND can deliver a message that interests them. Ask yourself what problems a patient is trying to solve. Then, offer a specialty solution in your market. Always remember to offer these solutions to patients in the right demographic at the right time.

Reason #2: Priorities Wrong

Sometimes, the message in the marketing is good but the priorities behind it are out of order. This isn’t necessarily a situation of bad marketing, but more a situation where your time, energy, and funds are being channeled ineffectively. It is important to zone in on the niche market that you want to target. Then, use marketing tools ideal for that specialty audience.

Reason #3: Marketing Without Effective Sales

The second half of marketing is sales. In most situations, marketing can only get the phone to ring or send a client through the door. The other key part of the process involves effectively selling potential patients these services. If clients are dissuaded once they call or come into your office, then maybe the marketing is good, but the closing needs some work.

Reason #4: Reviews that Interfere with Marketing Results

Online reviews are more important than many dentists realize. In fact, dental reviews are one of the most powerful practice differentiators. Even with fantastic marketing and a good staff team, referrals, reviews, and comments on Google can make all the difference. 


If you wish your dental marketing was performing better, there are many diagnostic tools available to help you figure out what is going wrong. Once you have the know-how and tools to get the job done, things will start going your way!  


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