Apex Dental Solutions Dental Implant Marketing Strategies

Capture & Attract

Capture & Attract existing demand for mini implants and dental implant procedures using Google and Facebook.

  • Increased awareness in dental implant treatments equals opportunity. Attract & capture patients actively seeking options & second opinions.
  • This is your chance to benefit from corporate dentistry and their massive advertising budgets. It's no secret they see the gold in implant case work.

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Educate & Inspire

We educate & inspire patients through benefit driven messaging. Target aging baby boomers seeking missing tooth, loose denture and denture prevention solutions.

  • Traditional media allows us to target & educate baby boomers through very familiar media such as U.S. Mail, television commercials, and print advertisements.

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Tracking & Reporting

Measuring the success of your marketing helps determine which efforts best promote your practice. Not tracking R.O.I. may lead to spending money on marketing that isn't working.

  • We are fully transparent in our efforts and every month you will know your campaigns activity.
  • Monthly detailed reports will allow you to know the number of new patients, total number of phone calls, number of booked appointments and more.

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Attract the “right” type of new patients, benefit driven patients

Apex Dental Solutions provides solution based messaging to the right potential patients, giving your dental practice maximum conversion on phone calls to booked appointments. Personalized messages cut through the clutter and make a genuine connection with patients surrounding your office. This benefit-driven marketing approach not only lets your community know you place mini dental implants or dental implants but it also lets them know that you care about their overall health and well-being. Our unique messaging, benefit-driven instead of price-driven, allows for patients to think of all the foods they used to love eating and how they cannot eat them now. They call because they want to eat those foods again, wanting to secure their loose, uncomfortable dentures or replace those missing teeth that they’ve been putting off.

When attracting new patients, a $39 cleaning is only going to bring in those who will look at you as a commodity and want only their cheap cleaning and not want to hear other problems they may have such as cavities. When promoting mini dental implants or dental implants to your community, you will attract the RIGHT type of new patient. Those who will not look at you as a commodity, but will look to you for help to solve their dental problems. By promoting and placing mini dental implants, you are distinguishing yourself from the rest of the dentists in your area, and I’m sure there are a lot of them. Performing this niche procedure will have patients driving from miles to see you.

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