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Is COVID Creating a Boom in Cosmetic Dentistry?

Over the past year, online searches for cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers have spiked. There are a few reasons why:

We’re Not Going Into the Office

Both cosmetic dentistry and plastic surgery have skyrocketed over the past several months. With people being able to work from home and social distancing, it’s easier for them to be more discreet about having elective procedures on the “down low.” Although some people don’t mind others knowing if they’re getting dental veneers, replacing missing teeth, or having plastic surgery, other people do. Being able to work from home makes it more convenient than ever, which is appealing to people who were already on the fence about cosmetic dentistry to begin with.

We’re Wearing Masks

One of the biggest deterrents of smile makeovers is the time commitment. From phasing out appointments to working everything into a set timeline, people don’t like to go around with temporary dental restorations or missing teeth. Masks have changed that. Now you can discreetly cover any interim appliances, flippers, temporary crowns — or you name it — while you’re waiting on the permanent version. No rush needed

We’re Looking in the Mirror More Than Ever

For people working from home, seeing themselves in the bathroom mirror or on their video-conferencing platforms is giving them all the more reason to invest in themselves. Self-confidence and emotional health are both tied to things like appearance, especially when it comes to how our smiles look. The constant reminder — when we’re the only person we’re looking at half of the time — can trigger a lot of people to finally search for a cosmetic dentistry or dental implant provider.

How You Can Get Ahead of the Surge

Prospective cosmetic and implant patients can only find you if you make yourself searchable. Knowing what keywords, phrases, and geographical target areas are key. At Apex, we have all of the data to drive traffic to your website by implementing specific search history and keywords as they relate to both you and what your prospective patients are looking for. If you want to attract those patients, you’ve got to know how to convert them most efficiently.

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