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You Can’t Automate Patients in Dentistry

Today, automation is a tool used across the world in nearly every type of business. It streamlines mundane or repetitive tasks that take up productive time. Integrating automated services into your dental implant practice can also help utilize daily functions, which improve the overall workflow to run more smoothly. But if left unchecked or overused, automation can cost you the valuable patients that you can’t afford to lose.

Tech Support

In your dental implant practice, effective use of automation could be utilized for replacing the clipboard and paper forms with electronic ones that are filled out before patients walk through the door, saving check-in time. Patient portals are helpful automated services that patients can access anywhere to check on their treatment plans, balances, and appointments. With Dental Practices are having more of a social media presents, automation allows the ease of scheduling posts to appear on all platforms at designated dates and times, keeping your channels current instead of growing stagnant.

Automated customer service use technology instead of humans to provide support or service to a patient. With this in mind, not all customer service automation is created equal, nor will every patient blend well with automation support. Apex Dental Solutions can help clients find an automated customer service platform that will best fit their implant dental practice performance without sacrificing quality.

Stand Out from the Competition

Automating customer service does have disadvantages. Especially concerning staff-to-patient relationships. Certain automated services can lead to patients feeling detached or like they’re “just a number.” An example, could be having your post-op care instructions, automated to be emailed directly to the patient after a procedure, but neglecting to “warm call” them the next day to check in on them. Instead, a machine calls, reminding them to check their email for their post-op instructions. A healthy professional implant dental team stays successful with good, genuine communication during and after office hours. This really cannot be automated. Maintaining a human element with a healthy balance of automation can help your dental implant practice be both personal and state-of-the-art. Contact Apex today to find out how!

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