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Key Elements To A Practice Website

The inventor of the World Wide Web, Berners-Lee stated, “this is for everyone.” The Internet, a universal space, the world shares…let that soak that in for just a moment.

What a huge endless opportunity to place your implant practice in front of millions of potential, targeted patients with the help of just a few clicks of the keyboard.
Instantly, the internet became one big market strategy tool for your practice. All you need is a domain and landing page. Or is that true? Today’s websites are designed to promote and showcase a dental team’s uniqueness, marketing to prospective patients looking for a place to receive proper dental implant care.

Strategic Positioning

By identifying the demographics of your target patients, you can create content and leads that appear in a person’s relevant searches, maximizing the impact on your website and branding.

Appearance is Not Everything

Visual identity is the fun side of your website. From pictures of your good-looking team, displaying your logo, typography, and color palette, each aspect is carefully planned for your website’s cohesiveness. This planning shows your personality as well as your brand, but specific services also need to be communicated and promoted in a certain manner (depending on your target audience.)

As an implant provider, you know that implants benefit the overall beauty and function of your patients’ mouths. But if the implant did not include the restoration on top of it, it would be incomplete. It’s the same with a website. Things may look great, but lacks the practical value your new or existing patients want when they visit the page. The visits may be too short or fail to provoke them to take action about their oral health.

To better convert patients and follow-throughs, dentists need to bring in elements that will modernize their site to meet the immediacy our society demands. A place for scheduling appointments, easy payment methods, online forms, informational blogs, and an “about” page to meet the doctor and team, as well as embedded Google maps are just a few examples.

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