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SEO & PPC – How to Not Get Ripped Off

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies are two extremely important aspects of any effective dental marketing campaign. But if you’re not sure what a quality SEO or PPC strategy looks like, marketing companies could cause you to lose thousands of dollars without anything to show for it. How can you avoid getting ripped off by something that seems worthwhile, yet still run an effective dental marketing campaign on a budget?

SEO is a Must

Every dental website must be built around a solid SEO campaign. Why? Because if you want to be found by prospective patients, they most likely won’t go past the first page on any Google search. If you’re not in the top 3-5 web listings, they may never see you at all. SEO is best cost-effective and long-lasting. Depending on your website development and the search engine your prospective patients are using, you can see results within a few weeks to several months (that’s right…months.) But once it starts working, it’s full steam ahead.

A quality SEO site can be worth 500% or more than the financial investment it takes to get up and running.

Unfortunately, some SEO companies can scam dentists by using spammy content, paid comments, and private blog network backlinks to other websites within their client base. These practices not only damage your credibility, but they can also drag down your SEO over time.

Using PPC to Jump-Start Your Campaign

If you’re new to a dental marketing agency, an initial PPC campaign can help you get things up and running as the “roots” of your SEO strategy begin to take hold. PPC starts working immediately to place your website in a more prominent position when patients search online for dentists. While your website is getting up and running, PPC can immediately link out to your website from the top of search engine results pages. And to control spending, you can select how much you spend on ads. It can be adjusted as SEO finally gains a foothold.

A quality PPC campaign will provide their clients (the dentist) with a recurring report, a breakdown of conversion numbers, and be personally available to discuss everything going on.

Dental SEO and PPC That Works

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