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Are Direct Mailers Still Relevant?

Are Direct Mailers Still Relevant?

One of the things that makes dental marketing unique is the diverse variety of patient populations that you’re serving. From age and income variants to specific neighborhoods in your city, you want your marketing investment (money) to home in on your target market.

That’s exactly what direct mail does.

The Relevancy of Direct Mail

 Targeted Direct Mail continues to be an effective marketing tool, even alongside online ads. With this messaging strategy, you can precisely select your ideal patient based on age, income, and where they live. Perhaps you’re looking to connect with more prospective implant patients who are recently retired and live in a specific part of your community. Direct Mail allows you to share your marketing message with those people exclusively, rather than broadly marketing to everyone in town and hoping that the small percent you want to target will actually see it.

Pinpoint Specific Areas and Incomes

Let’s say you’re operating a higher end cosmetic or implant practice. You know that your typical case costs enough that it may only be available to a specific type of client. Instead of marketing to a larger population and constantly having to present cases to clients who don’t fit your target market, direct mailers let you specifically reach your ideal patient based on things like their income, assets, and address.

A Message That Converts

Specific clients have unique needs, assumptions, and goals. When your marketing message is tailored to specific populations — and delivered straight to their door — you’re that much further ahead when it comes to case conversion. But now you need a message that they relate to and that feels applicable to their needs.

Our strategic messaging plans use specially designed read-to-convert brochures as part of our direct mail services. These brochures are both informational to educate your prospective patient, and high quality to reflect the nature of your practice. Rather than broad messages with generic information, our mailers bring out the best in what you have to offer, including why people need it!

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