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Importance of Implant-Specific Websites

Whether you’ve just begun offering dental implants in your practice or you’re hoping to expand a service you’ve provided for years, investing in a stand-alone dental implant website can take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Optimizes Online Search Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is gold when it comes to dental implant marketing. But just a few mentions of dental implants on your primary practice website may not be enough to draw a heavy flow of online traffic.

By establishing a separate website specifically dedicated to dental implant therapy, you build a stronger online presence. In turn, it’s easier for search engines to “read” your website and recognize it as something reputable that the searcher on the other end is looking for. Especially with diverse content that’s related to a specific topic: in this case, dental implants.

Maximizes Connections in Your Geographical Area

Using the internet to search for dental implant information is like trying to find a specific tree in a national forest. With so many websites, links, ads, and strategies being used, the best way of being found is putting yourself right within the geographic vicinity of your ideal patient.

A stand-alone dental implant website does just that. It establishes a series of digital “roots” in the zip code, neighborhood, community, or specific geographic area of your choosing. So once those prospective patients go looking, you’re one of the first providers that they’ll see.

Pinpoints Dental Implant Leads

Dental implant candidates are unlike the broad population of general dentistry patients. They come from unique backgrounds, fit specific requirements, and have a host of “hurdles” to cognitively work their way through before ever contacting a dentist for a consultation.

When you connect with the ideal dental implant candidate before they request the first appointment, you develop that relationship and trust while their thought processes are still developing. As you educate them through specific marketing messages, you nourish that connection and make the next step even easier: contacting your practice.

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